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Chatbot Explained

What exactly is a chatbot?

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) software that can simulate a conversation (or a chat) with a user in natural language through messaging applications, websites, mobile apps, or through the telephone.


Why are chatbots important?

Chatbot applications streamline interactions between people and services, enhancing customer experience. At the same time, they offer companies new opportunities to improve the customer engagement process and operational efficiency by reducing the typical cost of customer service.

To be successful, a chatbot solution should be able to effectively perform both of these tasks. Human support plays a key role here: Regardless of the kind of approach and the platform, human intervention is crucial in configuring, training, and optimizing the chatbot system.

Benefits to Companies

Cost Savings

Companies’ need for growing the customer service department can be managed by rolling out increasingly capable bots handling more and more complex queries. The implementation of chatbots will create a certain amount of investment costs. However, this cost can be lower compared to consumer service salary, infrastructure, and education.

Increased Sales

Bots can be a frictionless platform for presenting users with recommendations that can smartly introduce customers to new products and services from your company. Bots can also boost sales because of its 24/7 availability and fast responses. Customers hate to wait and long wait times result in lost sales.

Increased Customer Interaction

Bots provide another channel to reach out to your customers. Bots can be leveraged to increase customer engagement with timely tips and offers. Real-time customer communication of chatbots helps the customer find what he is looking for and also evaluates different suggestions.

Reaching New Customers

Bot platforms such as Kik or Facebook Messenger are one of the most popular apps. Being continuously active on these platforms helps companies reach new customers who may otherwise not want to reach out to the company with an email or call. 38 percent of millennials give feedback once a week via social media. It was noted that the number of feedback has increased in the last 12 months. Given that Facebook has more than 300K chatbots, chatbots seem to be a way to reach new customers.

Understand Customers

Your customers rarely talk to your business. Chatbots provide your business with detailed, actionable records of your customers’ greatest pain points, helping your company improve its products and services. The chance of selling is proportional to the data provided by the consumer and chatbots can improve the rate of customer data. Chatbots are optimal tools for organizations to learn customer expectations.

Benefits to Customers

7/24 Availability

Waiting for the next available operator for minutes is not a solved problem yet, but chatbots are the closest candidates to ending this problem. Maintaining a 24/7 response system brings continuous communication between the seller and the customer. Of course, this benefit is proportional to how well the bots are. Bots that are unable to serve simple customer queries fail to add value even if they are 24/7 available.


Instant and Constant Answers

An operator can concentrate on one customer at a time and answer one question. However, a chatbot can answer thousands of questions at the same time. Thanks to the speed of the cloud, internet, and software mechanisms, responses can be provided instantly.

Moreover, talking to a customer service rep, a customer has no assurance that other reps are also providing similar, consistent responses. If a customer service rep is not helpful, a customer could be tempted to try calling again to see if the next rep is better.

Endless Patience

While customer reps and customers sometimes lose their patience, that’s something bots are yet incapable of. The impatience of the representative and the consumer during the solution of a problem is one of the human-related failures. The representative is expected to be more patient as much as possible so that the company can keep consumer satisfaction high. Chatbots can show the patience that no human can provide. At this point, a human-sourced consumer service problem can be resolved directly.


Since bots are on digital platforms where people spend the majority of their waking hours working, bots can be used to automate common tasks such as arranging meetings, providing advanced search functionality. Chatbots do not just have to be used for shopping. It will be a great convenience to hand over repetitive tasks such as arranging meetings, researching a topic to chatbots.

Recorded Conversations

Talking to a customer service rep, a customer gets no record of the conversation. However, the chatbot does record every single conversation with the customer and can be reviewed by a human operator at the backstage. The results are traceable customer service along with ever-improving customer relationships.

BasicSky Chatbot

Our Chatbot

Conversational user experience is the future of technology. Our chatbot is a new way of user interaction that allows your website to connect with your users on a personal level while creating a more natural interaction that mimics the physical world. It can provide Intelligent live chat support and interact with your users 7/24. Use the our bot notification and the on-site retargeting feature to get your users focus on a product or service that you offer or subscribe to your newsletters.

Increase customer satisfaction, collect emails, create conversation forms and reduce costs to scale!


  • The advanced search algorithm for natural language phrase matching
  • Simple Text Responses
  • Advanced Site Search
  • Onsite retargeting, user exit intention redirect
  • Send an email, Call Me Back & Feedback Collection
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Human live chat seamlessly jams in
  • Integrated Facebook Messenger live chat
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Skype, WhatsApp, and Phone Call Icon Integration
  • Collect email address and customer feedback
  • Fill in tailored interactive forms
  • Support images and YouTube videos
  • Start menu response available
  • Remember last chat session
  • Customizable logo, avatar, background, color and more

Build Chatbot

  1. Exploring – Identify the goals of your chatbot
  2. Teaching – Design the natural conversation flow
  3. Shaping – Give the chatbot personality
  4. Trimming – Test your ideas
  5. Learning – Go live and keep learning