The followings are a few of our technical expertise in strengthens your power of communication with your clients.


Virtual Tour

Drag to pan your view. Click markers to view more.

[ipano id=”1″]


Interactive Video

Click to answer questions or pick choices.


360 Product

Sequence of photos

Single / double click to stop / start auto rotation. Drag to scroll product.




Scroll left or right to traverse the timeline.


Slides Presentation

Scroll by clicking the arrows or slide numbers.


Flash Card

Answer the question and each card will show if the answer is correct. Summary at the end when all are done.


Quiz on Creativity

Pick the answers for each question to see how creative you are. Four types are available.


3D eBook

Please flip the ebook and feel the realistic sensation of the book.

We have many other interactive and outstanding presentation functions. These and others can surely improve how you convey your message with your clients.