Multilingual on text content and media as well. Based on the language selected, not only the language would be changed, even all the media including pictures and videos can also be changed.


Fully Responsive

No matter what size of the screen, all pages and media would be self-adjusted according to the size and orientation of the viewing area. Rest assured that the information you want to convey would be display in the best way it could.


Copy Protected

Optionally you can protect valuable content from simply select and copy. All the information on the website can be copy protected. Prevent users from using the mouse right-click, popup warning sign when the user wants to copy, cannot copy even go directly to the source.

Full HTML5 Utilization

When was the last time you see a web page like the one you are looking at? This does not work like all other pages you had seen before, yet it is fully HTML5 compatible. We can do more than you can imagine on your website to ensure your users amazed at your presentations. We enjoy and constantly do research on creating exceptional webpages by utilizing the latest technology available.


We have lots of interactivity ideas that can highly retain your uses and enhance their engagement experience. The longer the user endure on your website, the higher the loyalty one can establish. From interactive video to the multimedia personality test, you will never miss another opportunity to convert a visitor to a client. After all, why let a visitor leave without a deep impression of your brand?

Full Multimedia

We build 360 virtual reality spaces for your clients to tour around. Hot spots with detailed information like pictures and videos can be placed anywhere in the virtual space. Marked augmented reality would certainly surprise your visitor without installing any apps. Your website can even read out your content in a human-like voice if needed. Sorry, we do not have a smell simulation yet.

Content Restrictions

Depending on the user’s role, membership level, or purchased items, different users would enjoy or restrict viewing different pages, view different portions of a page, or view different information. This work perfectly on membership control, online courses, deviate discount on eCommerce purchase, user groupings, and a lot more. We are intending to make your website as organic as possible so your users would participate and enjoy as much as possible.

Complete Statistics

Complete statistics are provided on the backstage include where the viewer is (in the world), the kind of browser used, pages visited, most frequently visited page, lead of your website, graphical statistics, the peak time of the day/week, and a lot more. So, you know what your users like or dislike, prefer or ignore, interest, or avoid. Sounds good? That’s just the beginning of the knowhow of your website. Think deeper!

ERP and Backstage Control

You can have a host of optional control on the backstage of your website. From CRM (customer relationship management) to Accounting System, from Inventory Control to Human Resources Management, from page design to user control, you can have total control of not just a website, but the handling of the key information of your company.

Artificial Intelligence

By applying artificial intelligence and utilizing existing AI systems in our chatbot, we will ensure that your site visitors would build up easily from mere inquiry to in-depth consultation. Our chatbot can also connect to your Facebook Messenger so that your support can work around the clock to serve not just the local clients. Live chat can blend in anytime as you see fit so there could be many human customer servicers sitting anywhere in the world to help.


Customer experience is greatly enhanced as the user would gain scores along the way when using your website. Differently, acknowledgments can be given including scores, badges, rank, and more. These acknowledgments can channel different offers and discounts on sales of products and services. It is proven that gamified websites can greatly improve the revisiting habits and participation of users which increases online sales as a result.