Website Development Survey Form (for Project Anchoring and Direction)

  • Website Development Survey Form

    Thank you for using BasicSky services. To communicate better, we need your help to let us know your organization better. Below is a carefully designed survey form for you to fill. However, prior to filling this form, please do the following: 1. Find at least 3 favorite websites and a dislike one 2. Quickly scan through this form and know what is needed to fill in 3. Prepare the items and come back for actual form filling. This is an important form on which the whole development of the website is based upon. Please fill in as detail as possible. This form will take approximately 1 hour to complete.
    • 1. Key Demographics

      A fictional character who represents one of your ideal customers
    • 2. Key Psychographics

      Psychographic information describes the customer's motives
    • 3. Challenges

      Challenges and difficulties the customer is facing
    • 4. Preferred Channels

      Major channels that the customer would usually seek information
    • 5. Preferred content types

      The type of content that the customer prefer and seeking
  • Company Image

    Current company image details
  • Image and Marketing

    Preferred image and marketing information
  • Important words or phrases in front
  • Design Preferences

    Please list the names of three to five other sites that you like. In the comment section, please articulate why the sites are attractive to you.
  • Content Management

    Select the content you want to present to your customers and decide how to manage it.
  • Website Features

    All our websites could be dynamic and multifunctional
  • Other Information

  • Well Done

    You're finished! Just press the submit button below and we'll be on our way. You'll hear back from us shortly.