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1. What is the “Distance Business Program”?

The Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Commission has launched the “Remote Business Program” to support enterprises to continue to operate and provide services during the epidemic. It plans to fund enterprises to adopt information technology solutions and develop remote businesses through rapid approval.

Application period: May 18 to October 31, 2020

Enquiry: 2788 5070

Official details: “Remote Business Program


2. Amount of funding

Each IT program (up to 3 programs) together with the training expenses of employees can be subsidized up to HK$100,000 (the subsidy ceiling for related training expenses is 10% of the IT program expenses), and each enterprise can receive up to 300,000 A total of Hong Kong dollar funding for funding projects with a maximum period of six months.

After the application is approved, the enterprise can receive 30% of the subsidy amount. After the project is completed and the supporting documents are accepted, the company will receive the remaining 70% of the subsidy amount.


3. Eligibility

  1. Private enterprises (except listed companies, statutory institutions and non-governmental organizations that receive public funding)
  2. Hold a valid business registration certificate (BR)
  3. It has opened before January 1, 2020, and still has substantial business in the relevant industry when the application is submitted.


4. Apply for 5 steps

  1. Write a plan and prepare application documents
  2. Submit a proposal (applications will be accepted from May 18, 2020)
  3. Productivity Council Express Approval
  4. After the application is approved, the company can receive 30% of the subsidy amount (each private company can have up to 3 projects, each with a maximum subsidy of HK$100,000, and each company can receive a total subsidy of up to HK$300,000 )
  5. fter the project is completed and the supporting documents are accepted, the company will receive the remaining 70% of the funding amount (the project must be completed within half a year)


5. Scope of funding

If the company is one of the following

  1. Need to improve the design and function of the corporate website and establish an online store or online training system
  2. Expect to increase the company’s visibility in and outside the region
  3. Strengthen internal business operations
  4. Full use of network technology for internal and external communication

Project details

  1. Online business

Online store establishment
Apply for online store platform
Establish a customized online store
Follow-up management of online shop
Google and Facebook ads (excluding production costs for content, images, videos, etc.)

2. Online order taking and delivery, and smart self-service systems

Smart vending machine delivery
Smart locker delivery
Smart kiosk delivery
E-logistics provider platform integration
Google and Facebook ads
(Excluding production costs for content, pictures, movies, etc.)

3. Online customer services and engagement

Remote class and learning
Online ticketing system
Online appointment system
Virtual service delivery
Online consultation
Google and Facebook ads
(Excluding production costs for content, pictures, movies, etc.)

4. Digital customer experience enhancement

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Augmented Reality (AR)
Virtual Reality (VR)
Customer analysis, etc. (Data Analysis)

5. Digital payment / mobile point of sale

WeChat Pay
WeChat Mini Program Ordering System

 6. Online / cloud-based financial management systems

Invoices and collecting bills
Accounting and planning budgets,
Asset and liability management,
Compliance with regulations
(With appropriate network security protection, the system can be built on the cloud or allow employees to log in remotely)

7. Online / cloud-based human resources management systems

Electronic pay
Salary Management System
Employee self-service portal
Talent management
Online training system
Online and location attendance
Working hours monitoring and reporting
Employee leave management
(The employee reimbursement processing system can be built on the cloud or allow employees to log in remotely under appropriate network security protection)

8. Remote document management, cloud storage and remote access services

Shared cloud drive
Remote access service
File remote desktop control
Virtual private network
Virtual desktop infrastructure

9. Virtual meeting and conference tools

Microsoft Team
Google Meet

10. Virtual team management and communications

Project Management

11. Cybersecurity solutions

Malware solution

12. Other online / custom-built / cloud-based business support systems



Applicable industry

The following are just some of the suitable industries:

Wedding/Wedding Banquet
Tutorial club

6. BasicSky can help companies apply for and complete the “Remote Business Program”


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